About Knit Kins

In the coziest corner of the Kiniverse exists a woolly world known as Mother Yarn. As She spins, her limitless love grows and out from the stitches emerges a new baby Knit Kin. Always cute and sometimes mischievous, Knit Kins bounce through the universe loving to love and be loved.

Our daughter, aged 5, has a serious heart/lung condition called Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. Knit Kins NFT aims to fund research into this deadly and currently incurable disease as well as to raise awareness for PAH.

Knit Kins is an UCD (Ultra High Cuteness) collection of unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Knit Kins is composed of ultra high-quality artwork designed by an award winning artist and creative director, backed by cutting-edge technology and intelligent business practices under the guidance of a legendary software engineer.

See which Knit Kin wants to love you today! 💙

Our Ethos

  1. Transparency & Trust
    Verified smart contract with open source (MIT) license. All NFTs and metadata hosted on IPFS indefinitely and locked permanently.
  2. Artistic Integrity
    Beautifully generative collection from original, hand-crafted concept designs that has a new and novel aesthetic.
  3. Superior Technology
    Latest Web3 standards to reduce gas costs (and energy), improve IPFS distribution globally, and enhance our community experience.


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Zaventh's Knit Kin avatar

The Architect

Engineer, entrepreneur, explorer. Web3.0 aficionado (formerly Web2.0 aficionado).

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The Artist

Digital artist and visual storyteller. Couldn't make art un-cute if she tried.